Work on It Only Takes A Second, conveniently shortenable to “IOTAS”, is going pretty well. It’s currently a 3D platforming game with working lighting (a first for me) and decent physics (another first, I’m on a roll!). It will be a game in which you get two planes, one behind the other, and can switch between them (a la one of my oldest 3D games, Elemence Z, a joint attempt between me and Ben Smith to revive my old Elemence series) to complete levels. Currently, the axiom I have in mind for the game hasn’t been implemented in any way whatsoever, so I have no trouble in giving all two or so of you that read this blog a screenshot (which is a teensy bit outdated – it shows a third, central plane) and a li’l tech demo.

Download the Tech Demo (2.22MB)

Anyway, I’m enjoying making this game, so expect it to be an entry into the competition as planned.

Well, that’s all for today. It’s 3:20am at the moment, and I have to be up early tomorrow/today. So… yeah. Wing dang doodle to you all.