One last one before I go to bed!

Download (2.51MB)

Done a fair bit to It Only Takes A Second today. The game now has six complete levels, five in the set I call “Grassy” (no idea why), and the first of the “Metal” set. As a bonus, there’s an incomplete, empty first level in the set known as “Underwater” too.

For those of you too lazy to download this build and/or are stuck in the grassy set, and want to see what the other two are like, have a couple of screenshots!


If you didn’t download the previous build, I highly recommend you read the previous blog and ensure you know what the game’s goal is. If you don’t, you won’t understand what the bloody hell is going on.

So, yeah. Hopefully tomorrow will be as productive as today! Nighty night!



Published by Allison James

Independent game developer and fontographer.

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  1. Your game looks graphically good, the movement is cool and the gameplay seems interesting. 🙂

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