Stopgap game in Lite

Since I’m bored of waiting for Softwrap, and can’t continue with IOTAS until it’s sorted, I’m now working on a stopgap game in which I’m trying to get as much out of Game Maker 7.0 Lite as I can. It’s currently called Lite Town Wars, and is comparable to MINDRAPE and my Fake 3D Pyramids example.

I’m surprised lengthdir is a function available in Lite, actually. It’s so damn versatile, and is way more useful in my opinion than stuff like image_angle. Its availability in Lite is one of the only reasons I’m making this game.

Anyway, here’s a screenshot of what I have so far (click it to see it in full).

I won’t be hyping this game much since it really is just while I’m without Pro for IOTAS – if I get Pro again before this game is complete to a reasonable percentage, it’ll likely be scrapped.

So, yeah. That’s pretty much it for now!



Published by Allison James

Independent game developer and fontographer.

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  1. First of all good luck on getting Pro back. 😛 Lite Wars looks pretty good though. You should totally release a demo. 😀

  2. looks great but I didnt know that the game maker lite can draw 3D graphics :O

  3. The 3d isn’t a d3d_draw function, it is just simply draw_block with the x and y values pointing at the views to give it a nice effect.

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