[MUSIC] The Prodigy: Invaders Must Die

Unlike a lot of critics and others, I actually quite liked The Prodigy’s previous album, Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned. Still, anything considered a comeback album is welcome to me.
Invaders Must Die, as you may know, was the first new album by The Prodigy in 12 years to feature the full line-up – Keith Flint, Liam Howlett and Maxim Reality. Their previous group album was the stunning The Fat Of The Land. This one returns to a sound more like their older stuff.

Here’s a track-by-track mini review.

Invaders Must Die (title track) – A solid start, if a tad repetitive. Great bassline. A shorter edit was released a while before the album as a “preview” track – I prefer the edit personally.

Omen – Good first proper single. Fairly angry track, less repetitive than the previous, with, for a tune by The Prodigy, has quite a few sung, original lyrics.

Thunder – My least favourite track on the album, though still not bad. Slightly weird lyrics, and the track as a whole seems to have something missing from it.

Colours – Great track, even better if you’re listening to the album in order. The bassline is addictive, and the nearly-rapped lyrics actually work pretty well with the rest of the track.

Take Me To The Hospital – Weird at first, better with repeated listens. Thumping track, though you can’t expect anything less with The Prodigy. This feels a hell of a lot like the style of Experience.

Warrior’s Dance – Haunting, heavy, and downright brilliant.

Run With The Wolves – Another grower. The sung part is pretty catchy in my opinion.

Omen Reprise – A dancier, inferior version of Omen.

World’s On Fire – Starts bland, gets pretty good. Fairly heavy, and shouty, track.

Piranha – Thumping, catchy, rave-suited track. Very much one for the head-banging crowd. A little repetitive, but not so much it ruins the track. Kinda works with it, actually.

Stand Up – …and then there was this. Nearly half a minute of near-silence, followed by one of the most amazing, and different-to-their-normal-style, tracks I’ve ever heard from The Prodigy. This finished the album off on a massive high.

Overall, I very much enjoyed the album, maybe even as much as The Fat Of The Land. Here are the videos for the released singles:



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