Ha! Got your attention!

But seriously, I do actually like it. No, I’m not trying to be different. I’m not trying to separate myself from the group of two types of people – those that dislike the new logo, and those that are following the crowd and just saying they don’t really like it. I genuinely like it. Why?

It’s professional. Bullshit to anyone that says otherwise. It is. It looks a little childish, yes, but it’s not unprofessional. It’s very well made.

It suits the target audience, as stated by YoYo Games and Mark Overmars. Game Maker pitches itself as an easy game development platform. Most people that use the program don’t evolve their skills past games that use the simplest D&D actions and the resource sprites. Game Maker’s popular in schools and even universities as an introductory tool into the world of coding. That is what it is pitched as. The new logo shows this off perfectly. Yes, it can be used for advanced games written entirely in the program’s coding language. Yes, many people don’t acknowledge this. But the logo shows off what the program is designed for.

It’s better than the ball and hammer. It’s newer, it’s nicer looking, it’s shinier, it’s more modern. It looks like a tool for today’s program, not for one from 1999.

The logo’s haters haven’t done themselves any favours in my opinion. The juvenile threats to stop using the program or to boycott the use of the new logo are stupid. The online petitions were an overreaction which Sandy Duncan, YoYo Games CEO, then capitalised on by publicising – that’s thousands of people that have just learnt about Game Maker through the “Recent Activity” box on the petition site. Note – I don’t have anything against people expressing their opinion if they do it maturely. I respect those that managed to express negativity to the icon’s design without having a tantrum.

Just to cap it off – it’s not a big deal, YYG are still going to get my £20 when they release the final version of the program, and I stand by my opinion. If you want to disagree, you know where the comments go.

Game-wise, I’ve nothing at the moment that’s getting my serious attention. That’s all on that matter.

So, yeah. NAL out!