Time Travel: Possible?

Time travel; a concept thought about for centuries. There are so many thoughts on its (non-?)existance, it’s unbelievable. It’s the primary gimmick of more than a handful of films, programs and literature, including many high-up examples as the Back to the Future film trilogy, and the several-decade-long UK sci-fi series Doctor Who. Time travel is everywhere.
But from a realistic perspective? It seems impossible. Possibly the most famous example disproving time travel is the Grandfather Paradox: “If you went back in time and killed your own grandfather before he gave birth to the relevant parent, how could you have been born and gone back in time in the first place?” But there’s a side-road to this. Perhaps nobody currently in existance could/would do it for fear of erasing themselves. Anybody that would, and did, simply wouldn’t exist in the first place.

One idea is that time is not a single, linear line. If you did go back in time and do anything to alter the future, it would simply create a new “branch”. These two timelines would then run independently. As odd as it sounds, and as incredibly difficult as it is to visualise, it’s plausible.

Perhaps time isn’t even a dimension. There is no line. There is no possibility of back and forth. It’s just something that… “is”. It’s only the fact we’ve given it a measurement scale, something that when applied with anything else can be humanly or naturally adjusted, that the idea of time travel comes to light in the first place.

There’s another theory, which starts dipping its toe into religion-esque concepts and seems completely unplausible but not disprovable. What about if humans, at one point in the future, did discover time travel. All hell broke loose, either related (people constantly altering the future) or less so (something like global warming). The vast majority of the human race was killed. The remainder, in an effort to recouperate, went back in time to restore the Earth to its original natural status, free of all technology and vandals of time – kicked the device for time travel into the nearest pit and started copulating. Hell, maybe there was only one guy, so advanced in skill and everything, but NOT HUMAN, that went back, invented humanity, dinosaurs, and all other life forms. Maybe he was called Godfrey. But, in effect, what I just said above prior to the time travel never happened. Maybe humanity today is the result of a process of perfection from repeated journeys through time.

Those that know me know I’m not a religious person. But something had to happen to bring us to where we are today, and when you don’t believe, you owe it to yourself to speculate.

Any comments on your opinions of time travel (keep them as un-religiony as possible, please – unless it of course pertains to your theories) are more than welcome, and I will likely reply and share my thoughts on your own speculation.


Published by Allison James

Independent game developer and fontographer.

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  1. Time travel is a very interesting concept. :)It has been proven that time slows down, the faster you’re travelling. Atomic clocks were used in a jet plane and compared to those that stayed on Earth and there was a slight difference. Now, obviously this isn’t really significant. BUT, it has been proven that the nearer to the speed of light that you can go, the slower time will progress.So, if say, a machine that could accelerate a human to 99.9% of the speed of light was invented in the future it would be possible to travel forward in time because time would go slower for the person going 99.9% of the speed of light. So, if they were speeding along for, say, 20 minutes or so, they could travel years into the future. Now, 100% of the speed of light would be impossible because anything with a mass can’t physically go the maximum speed of something that has no mass (light). If it was possible, though, someone could be in every single position in the universe possible at once because time would stop ^_^.I learnt this in Astronomy classes at high school and was very intrigued by it. :PNow, about going backward in time… Well, I believe that is impossible – time is scalar; it can only go forward. It’s a linear dimension. There is no way to rewind it. This fact means we don’t have to worry about what happens when people mess with the past. :P”Perhaps nobody currently in existance could/would do it for fear of erasing themselves. Anybody that would, and did, simply wouldnt exist in the first place.”Yes, now this brings me to a thought, actually. IF time travel backwards was possible in the future, somebody might do something to make it not happen in the actual future… Ugh… I don’t know. It’s a weird concept.

  2. Interesting on how you said that we could be a result of time travel. I never thought of it that way, but it could be possible.I found a neat video on the different dimensions and time travel.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkxieS-6WuAIf time travel is possible there would be many variables. And depending on how or what you do in the past, like you said, it could alter the future.Nice blog, too. Hope to see more of these type of enteries. 😀

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