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Freeware Games

Please note: this only applies to games entirely developed and published by me. Anything published by YoYo Games (including Maddening) is their property and any queries regarding usage should be directed to them.

You are free to download any freeware game I have created (described henceforth as “the game”). You may play the game infinitely on any number of devices. You may redistribute the game on freely accessible formats (eg online freeware game libraries), provided the game is unmodified and its creation attributed to me. You may redistribute the game on commercially accessible formats provided a] you correctly attribute the game to me; and b] you identify the game as freeware that is available at no cost via the internet, in such a way that either potential buyers have access to this knowledge before buying it, or their reason for buying the item clearly would not solely be for the game of mine you are including.

Screenshots of my games that I have taken are in the public domain, however individual resources used in the game are my property. Please inquire if you wish to use anything. Any screenshots you take of my games should also be considered in the public domain. Any video footage you take of the game is your property. Regardless of its use (compilation video, let’s play, video review), you are able to do anything you desire with it (upload it, sell it on any format, earn money with ad revenue off it etc).

All games I have created remain my intellectual property. You are more than welcome to create games using the same intellectual property, however you may not sell such games. Feel free to lift ideas out of my games and sell these, but please remember to credit where credit is due. Please do not decompile or otherwise modify my games, although using a program such as CheatEngine to play around with them is fine.


Fonts I have created fall into three categories, identified on their pages by their status of “Free”, “Donationware”, or “Free for Personal Use”.

Free Fonts
Fonts identified as “Free” are exactly that. You do not have to pay to download these fonts. You are completely unrestricted on what you do with them as well – personal, non-profit, non-commercial and commercial use are all fine without any requirement to credit or pay me. You may also modify and redistribute the fonts, however please keep the same license on any modifications, and if redistribution, do not separate the .ttf file from the .zip it initially comes in. Download the .zip again from DaFont if you wish to be sure you are redistributing the right thing.

Please note that a lot of fonts I create which are marked as “Free Fonts” are inspired to varying degrees by logos of copyrighted materials. These fonts are created purely because I am a fan of the original works, as denoted by the “Inspired by…” where applicable. I recommend these fonts be used purely for fan works related to the original material, and not for other copyrighted works. If you are behind a copyrighted work that has inspired a font I have created and wish for me to take the font(s) down from DaFont, FontSpace and 1001Fonts (the only three websites I officially distribute my fonts to), I will respectfully comply. Please email

Donationware Fonts
Fonts identified as “Donationware” are similar to “Free” fonts. However, only personal use (ie. not distributing anything you create with the aid of the font) is allowed without payment. All of my Donationware fonts require that, for a single-user infinite commercial license, you donate any amount to me with PayPal. This can be done via the “Donate to Author” link found on my profile page, as well as on every font’s individual page. Non-commercial/non-profit usage of the fonts MAY require a donation, please check the individual font’s license for further details. For actual donation costs, any amount will net you the unlimited single-user license. However, I do appreciate it if you can make the amount a mix of what you can afford, and how much you think it brings for you.

If you are not able to use PayPal for whatever reason, I offer alternatives. I’d be more than happy to receive an item from my Firebox wishlist, a physical copy of the item you use the font for, any other physical gift (of any value), or even money in any currency physically! Email me at if you need my address.

Free for Personal Use Fonts
Fonts identified as “Free for Personal Use” have a set cost (see the font’s license for information on the cost, discounts, number of users included etc). Until this is paid, you can only use the font for personal things (ie. no distributing anything you use the font with).


GML Scripts
Scripts found in the GML Scripts section can be used and redistributed freely. While I like if you keep the crediting comment in the code itself, you do not need to credit me in the game itself (though if you want to, feel free to!). These scripts can be redistributed, unaltered and credited to me, or altered and credited to me with alteration credit to the relevant person/people, freely. If you do this, please keep the crediting comments.

GML Tutorials
Tutorials are intended to be used as learning tools. I do not require any credit when you apply anything the tutorials have taught you into your game. Tutorials can be redistributed, attributed to me, freely.

 GML Examples
Examples are intended to be used as learning tools. I do not require any credit when you apply anything the examples have taught you, even if the code is lifted directly from the example, into your game. Examples can be redistributed, attributed to me, freely.

 GML Editables
Editables of my games should be used as learning tools. Please credit me if you lift any code out of an editable and use it in your own creation. You do not have to credit me if you are simply researching how some effect was achieved (or suchforth), and use that yourself. I retain the intellectual property for all games with available editables. However, you are welcome to spin off the game, make a fan game, make an enhanced/longer version of it etc, as long as I am duly credited for owning the IP as well as making the codebase you used, and your version of the game is freeware.


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  1. Hello my name is Sergio I would like to know if I were to use the fonts for a commercial project for the future what would you provide me for me to be sure that when i sell a design i have the right to your fonts.

    1. Hey Sergio, the receipt you get from PayPal is your proof of purchase and therefore usage rights. As detailed here, though: I can also provide an invoice with the usage rights confirmed there in writing, for donations of US$100 or above/equivalent. Cheers!

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