How to Make a Clickbait Blog Post About How to Market Your Indie Game

So you’ve decided to write a post about how to market your indie game. It might be on your own website, or on a gaming website that accepts guest articles and has a far-from-rigorous quality control. Great, the world needs so many more of these articles! Here’s a how to.

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PS4 Review – One Weekend In

I’ve now had my PlayStation 4 for one weekend (it came out on Friday two days ago). For anyone considering it, here’s a concise review of both the system and the games I’ve played so far.

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Three YoYo Years

My mind is blown. As of today, I have been employed by YoYo Games as a junior developer for three years. The time has flown – it genuinely doesn’t feel that long ago I was creating and releasing stuff like Remaddening independently. Yet, when I look back at it, the amount that has happened has been astonishing. This will be a little bit biography, a little bit reminiscing.

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Game of the Years

For some reason, every time I’ve finished the last couple of games I’ve bought, my end thought was “This is good, but it won’t take Portal 2’s place as my Game of the Year”. I’ve never, ever thought about what my personal game of any particular year would be. But this got me thinking what they would be for each of the last few years (ie the PlayStation 3 era, the one I know).
Here are my listings so far for 2007-2013.

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Me In Numbers

A “point of interest” blog entry, methinks! These are some numbers related to me.

20.4: My current age in years
1991: My year of birth
1: My address’s current number
3: The number of residences I’ve lived in
2: The number of countries I’ve lived in
14: The number of years of my life spent in school
2: The number of schools I’ve been to
1.3: The number of years I’ve worked for YoYo Games

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Sonnet for My Laziness

Each month I used to make games, two or three
Experimental nature were their theme
But now burnout has come and tackled me
That frequency is merely now a dream

In part it’s since I now make games full time
Though no control I earn a salary
I’ve no complaint, the feeling’s quite sublime
That Lemmings guys could think something of me

It isn’t like my idea pool is dry
I’ve got enough for three lifetimes or more
Yet I can’t seem to even try to try
To make a game to pass Innoquous 4

So here’s a final note, it’s to my brain
Engage yourself or I will go insane! 😐

The Long Road Home Pt 3 & RekameMag Update

I’m typing this on an iPad, as a train takes me from Edinburgh to York. It’s sixteen minutes late from Edinburgh – I have eight minutes between the original York arrival time and the York departure of the third of four trains which are to take me from Dundee to Redgrave, home. Bloody delays.

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Duke Nukem Forever: First Access Demo thoughts

I’ve seen a ton of people outraged at Duke Nukem Forever. It’s of course been in development for ~13 years, going through development hell as 3D Realms, in a quest to make the game perfect, kept messing with the engine it was using. It’s won a pile of vapourware awards for its constant date setbacks and rumoured cancellations.

But now, in a surreal twist, it’s almost here. As in, legitimately. The game is complete and is going to be out (in UK at least) in six days now. It’s an odd feeling. What’s odder is that, thanks to a preorder perk, I’ve just been able to play a demo of it now. Playing a game that’s been in development since I was 7. Jeez.

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