Allison 2

This blog post is a continuation of part 1 from October 2018. Figured it was about time for some updates! It’s been a wild first few months of being out full time, with a lot of pleasing progress, more smiles than I could shake an emotion stick at, and overall, a whole lot of positivity. […]


For anyone curious, I recently came out as transgender. This wasn’t a decision made with haste – it was one made through a lifetime of wonder and years of knowing. This will be a blog post to detail everything I remember as I see, plan, and experienced. (Skip to “Realisation” for just the actual meat […]

Steep Review

I miss the extreme sports genre of gaming really badly. During the noughties, they came in droves and were largely incredible games – Tony Hawk’s, SSX, Aggressive Inline, Skate, Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX, Rolling, Jet Set Radio, Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX, Amped… I’m sure I’m still missing some out, but that is a list absolutely […]

Watch Dogs 2 Review

I seemed to be in a relative minority when it came to Watch Dogs – I absolutely adored it. Its shortcomings (predominantly its story and characters and how its marketing over-promised and over-hyped) were largely in areas I didn’t really mind shortcomings in, while the things it did well (mission structure, lively and engaging open […]

Tearaway: Unfolded Review

I spent £13 on Tearaway: Unfolded. I feel doubly guilty – as a PlayStation Vita owner, I never bothered buying Tearaway despite being somewhat interested in it, and then didn’t even get its PS4 counterpart until it was too cheap to pass up. So how did it fare? Pleasing Atoi is the sweetest character I’ve ever […]