Batman: Arkham Knight Review

I must admit I’m a little bit blind when it comes to superhero games. I played the two excellent Spider-Man games on PlayStation 1, and had goes here and there of other games, but that was about it. I missed Batman: Arkham Asylum entirely, and only got its sequel, Arkham City, because I had preordered […]

Bully (aka Canis Canem Edit) PS4 Review

Bully, called Canis Canem Edit in UK thanks to one Jack Thompson (remember him?), is, put simply, my favourite game of all time. Since I first got it in 2006, I’ve now played it in various forms and on various formats four times: twice as Canis Canem Edit on PS2, once as Bully: Scholarship Edition (now […]

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Review

I loved Mirror’s Edge. A lot. But, seeing how the game failed in sales – how it was half price within a month. and a pittance within six, I’d written it off as one of those one-off experiences alongside Bully, Brutal Legend, Psychonauts, Sunset Overdrive and many of my other all time favourite games. So […]

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Review

It’s been five years now since Uncharted 3 came outand capped off an absolutely stellar trilogy of games. A trilogy that is now a quadrilogy, thanks to the latest instalment, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Did it live up to the quality bar set by the last two? Summary Uncharted 4 takes place in three […]

Forbidden Moonfruit

As of this month, Moonfruit have stopped free accounts from being a thing. Which means that the final glimmer of pre-2009 NAL (short of delving into The Internet Archive at least) is now done and dusted – my website from between 2006 and 2008 was with Moonfruit, was free, and had been dormant and available since […]

NAL’s Double Cross Sequence

I Googled it. Nobody else has made this sequence up before. So it’s mine. I’m naming it after me. You heard it here first. I call it NAL’s Double Cross Sequence, and it goes like follows: 5, 21, 45, 105, 405, 525, 945, 945, 2205… (as far as I’ve calculated). And the description I’ve given […]