Fat Princess Review / by Allison James

Fat Princess is a great alternative to capture the flag. Even though this game has the same concept of capture the flag, or identical concept, it is completely different.  Fat Princess is unique and funny. You can turn players into chickens, feed the princess (Aka the flag) cake, the graphics are cartoonish, strange credit screen song (I like big butts), humorous difficulties like "I like it 'hard'", etc.The game is basically about the opponent stealing and holding your princess hostage. The point to feeding cake to the princess is to make her fatter. The fatter the princess, the heavier she gets (obviously), the heavier she gets, the harder to carry. This makes it harder for you to retrieve. There is also a bit of skill to this; there are 5 unique classes: Mage, Ranger, Priest, Warrior and Worker. They all have their own benefit in helping to get the princess. Your goal is to take your princess back and place her on the throne.There are also some neat little features in this game including a lot of content. There are 8 different maps, up to 32 online multiplayer co-op, complete character customization, as well as different modes and sections like "Why I am the greatest" which include your stats.There are also some annoying aspects of Fat Princess. One thing that seems to annoying me most is how long the games are. Some of the games are up to 30 to 45 minutes long. That's not half of it. Sometimes the host will lose connection or purposely quit mid-game. This will either (hopefully) make a new host automatically so you can continue playing or it will just end the game completely.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCO9eBuDkD8&hl=en&fs=1&](81%)