ChatRoulette / by Allison James

>I've heard about this website's popularity lately. For those unaware, it's Omegle with webcams. You get paired with a random person who could be doing anything. So here's a rundown of what I experienced, simply by hopping into and out of conversations.

1. Chavvy looking guy, normal
2. Chavvy looking guy, normal
3. Normal looking guy, normal
4. Someone holding up a piece of paper with an MSN address and cybersex offer
5. Naked guy masturbating, head and... parts... off camera, thank god
6. Pakistani normal looking guy
7. Assumed normal looking guy, laying down, most of him was offcamera but he was clothed
8. Normal looking guy
9. Some guy's torso, clothed
10. Spambot - just showed a screen capture for a website
11. Normal looking guy
12. Normal looking guy, but with sunglasses on and a really stupid light (angled camera)
13. No webcam, just a sound feed, which consisted of someone presumably fiddling with the mic
14. Normal looking guy
15. Top-half-naked guy with sound feed, wasn't sticking around to find out his intentions
16. Normal looking guy (kinda hunky actually - not gay o.o) in black and white
17. No video or audio feed
18. No video feed, audio feed was just someone crackly playing crap music
19. No feed
20. Two wiggers and some crap rap music
21. Normal looking guy who needs to learn how to zoom with his camera - I could see his chin and part of his jumper
22. Same sort of shot again but different person
23. A hand holding up a piece of paper asking (kindly, I might add) for boobs on the webcam feed
24. Normal looking guy but awful sunglasses
25. No video feed, crackly audio
26. A cock
27. Another cock
28. Bored looking guy, normal
29. Man in briefs but not doing anything bad
30. Bored looking guy, normal
31. Someone just out of shot
32. Bored looking guy laying down
33. Bored looking child
34. Guy that was top-naked (at least), only head and shoulders in shot
35. No video, crackly audio
36. Nobody in shot, was a cam pointed at a dark area
37. An actual woman! Japanese origin too, woo! Quit on her, couldn't be bothered
38. Guy with backwards baseball cap, glasses and tank top. Muscly, looked a lot like wrestler Batista
39. Naked guy masturbating. Cat sitting in the background... poor cat
40. Someone's elbow
41. Nothing
42. Naked guy masturbating. Disturbingly included audio feed. Actually missed the close tab and hit Imageshack's thumbnail out of shock - same closing effect
43. Video feed was pointing at light, audio crackly
44. Naked guy masturbating. Wasn't very well endowed.
45. Girl looking very bored. Crackly audio feed
46. Girl looking very horny. Desperate kind of horny. Looked Hispanic too
47. Normal looking man but appeared to have a spliff going on
48. Guy top-half-naked, bottom half was off shot
49. Two guys blatantly stoned
50. Boring guy with baseball cap
So, yeah. And you thought the premise and trollability was bad enough with Omegle!
A total of three females in 50 goes. In comparison there were about six penes. Thanks, male gender. Thanks a load. (Not literally.)
See y'all!