For anyone curious, I recently came out as transgender. This wasn’t a decision made with haste – it was one made through a lifetime of wonder and years of knowing. This will be a blog post to detail everything I remember as I see, plan, and experienced. (Skip to “Realisation” for just the actual meat […]

Forbidden Moonfruit

As of this month, Moonfruit have stopped free accounts from being a thing. Which means that the final glimmer of pre-2009 NAL (short of delving into The Internet Archive at least) is now done and dusted – my website from between 2006 and 2008 was with Moonfruit, was free, and had been dormant and available since […]

NAL’s Double Cross Sequence

I Googled it. Nobody else has made this sequence up before. So it’s mine. I’m naming it after me. You heard it here first. I call it NAL’s Double Cross Sequence, and it goes like follows: 5, 21, 45, 105, 405, 525, 945, 945, 2205… (as far as I’ve calculated). And the description I’ve given […]

How to Make a Clickbait Blog Post About How to Market Your Indie Game

So you’ve decided to write a post about how to market your indie game. It might be on your own website, or on a gaming website that accepts guest articles and has a far-from-rigorous quality control. Great, the world needs so many more of these articles! Here’s a how to.