How to Make a Clickbait Blog Post About How to Market Your Indie Game

So you’ve decided to write a post about how to market your indie game. It might be on your own website, or on a gaming website that accepts guest articles and has a far-from-rigorous quality control. Great, the world needs so many more of these articles! Here’s a how to. Advertisements

Game of the Years

For some reason, every time I’ve finished the last couple of games I’ve bought, my end thought was “This is good, but it won’t take Portal 2’s place as my Game of the Year”. I’ve never, ever thought about what my personal game of any particular year would be. But this got me thinking what […]

Vib-Ribbon, No One Can Stop Mr. Domino, Star Gladiator, B-Movie & Devil Dice Mini-Reviews

Following on from my previous blog entry, I went on eBay and basically bought all the listed games I didn’t yet own. Though I haven’t received some of them yet, I had a blast playing the four here, which I will now give a short review on.

How is This Game so Addictive?!

Seven pence says you thought I was referring to “Minecraft”. Wrong! I’ll start my story with it though. Back in August-September 2010, all I ever saw was Minecraft. Minecraft, Minecraft, bloody Minecraft. So I bought it. Four or so months and what I wouldn’t be surprised to be upwards of 500 accumulated play hours (~21 […]