Nintendo 3DS: First Impressions

Nintendo’s 3DS, their sixth (as far as most people would concerned) portable device line following the Game & Watch series, GameBoy, Virtual Boy, GameBoy Advance and DS, goes with the standard Nintendo formula – family friendly + interesting gimmick + relatively cheap + relatively low-end technology. It’s also their second attempt at 3D following the […]

Vib-Ribbon, No One Can Stop Mr. Domino, Star Gladiator, B-Movie & Devil Dice Mini-Reviews

Following on from my previous blog entry, I went on eBay and basically bought all the listed games I didn’t yet own. Though I haven’t received some of them yet, I had a blast playing the four here, which I will now give a short review on.

To Catch a Predator – Why Don’t You Take a Seat?

Many popular US shows have a UK equivalent, regardless of which is the original. Both have a different version of Whose Line is it Anyway, Britain has Dirty Sanchez to US’ Jackass (though the latter is more popular here, being the original). US has had pilots of Red Dwarf and Top Gear that have been poor […]