Musical Tastes & Down With the Sickness

Kinda related segments to the title but not in the sense I’m planning on using ’em. Recently I’ve noticed my musical tastes changing. I’ve got into a few bands I’ve heard and disliked in the past. Here’s a few that I’ve become a fan of in the last month or two. 3OH!3: First heard of […]

GMB, Flash, Talast, Lockerz, Commercialism?

>A few different things to talk about in this blog entry, methinks. I’ll go through them in title order. I applied for a position reviewing games on the popular Game Maker Blog yesterday. Was surprised to be accepted about 20 minutes after applying! Anyway, I posted my first review and the comments seem to be […]


PLEASE NOTE This blog entry is no longer valid. All Talast posts have been merged into this blog! This blog is mostly to let you know the reason I’ll be blogging less here. I’ve started a blog which reviews music, films, products etc. I’ve done this partly to get paid for blogging. It’s already been […]

[MUSIC] Fatboy Slim: Weapon Of Choice

Coverage of music videos will probably be rare here, but some deserve to be looked at. In the music video for Fatboy Slim’s Weapon Of Choice, Christopher Walken dances around an empty hotel. That’s pretty much it. Directed by Spike Jonze (also director of the stunning film Being John Malkovich), it’s a great watch, which […]