This is a page with various ways you can do something that results in me receiving goods or services. Any single one of these works for donations towards fonts. They support me muchly, be it through money, entertainment or general support, so thank-you very much if you do decide to donate in any way at all.

Let me know if you require an invoice or written confirmation of rights to use my font(s) commercially once you have donated, regardless of the method you use. I only provide these for donations of $100 USD or equivalent in other currencies due to the time it takes to write them up. Do note that your rights are automatically active the moment you send whatever donation you’re sending, anyway – confirmation is not required for you to use them, and should only be requested if you, eg, legally require an invoice for your records.

How much should I donate?

All I ask is you go with what you believe is fair. For anything under ~$5, while I do appreciate the gesture I’d really rather you just use the font and then fling some money if your project makes you the cash to make that viable. I don’t receive anything at all from donations under around 50 cents, as PayPal fees cancel them out entirely or almost entirely, so I cannot count these as actual donations I’m afraid.

If you’re not doing anything that will make you a whole lot, or you don’t expect to be seen by many eyes, $10-30 is fine. If you’re making a little extra, $50-100 would be great. For bigger stuff still, larger donations still really do help me an extraordinary amount – making fonts is now a significant part of my full-time income. But don’t go overboard if you don’t have the means to do it, I appreciate that many of you reading this will be in similar situations to me right now.

If you’re using the font for the titles, logos, artwork or other of a game you’re making, album you’re producing, film you’re doing or any other entertainment format, I’d love to receive it. Although, as you’ll see

With all that said, here are the ways you can donate:

Click here to quick-donate via PayPal!



I mean like heck it’ll ever happen, but if you happen to have a HTC Vive or similar-functioning VR headset system just lying around that you could fling my way, or you’re making a VR game and are feeling generous enough (before or after it’s launched and raked in the moolah for you), you can use every font I’ve ever made, for any number of projects commercial or otherwise, in perpetuity. And you could make a little NAL extremely happy. I’ll even fling in the first 100 fonts I made for Chequered Ink – so that’s 320-odd fonts total! The HTC Vive is on my Steam wishlist or can be sent to the address below.




Patreon (Link)


PayPal (Link)
Stripe (Link)


Amazon UK (Link)
Firebox (Link)

For a guideline on what I like, see the wishlists linked above or take a punt on:
– Anything that is booze
– Anything that is food
– Anything that is caffeinated
– Games, especially ones unavailable in the UK that are region-unlocked (eg PS3, PS4, GameBoy, Xbox One)
– Music, in MP3, CD or vinyl formats
– Gadgets of any variety
– Board, card and tabletop games
– Any unique playing cards


Creative Market: Directly buy fonts and font packs (Link)


Steam (Link)
Steam wishlist (Link)
Absolutely any game will do for a donation, but please ensure I don’t already have it as I’ll then be left with the game in my Steam library, too already-owning-it to redeem it but then also too guilty to regift it to anyone.


If you are a musician, or an agent representing one, an alternative to any of these options is to let me use your/your client’s music in games I create under Chequered Ink. I ask that if you wish to choose this as a sole donation method, you provide me the music (ideally in MP3 format for music, WAV for sound effects if you make those), along with your preferred credit, and the ability to use it in perpetuity in both commercial and personal products – as I allow for my fonts in return. The music needn’t be exclusively licensed to, or created for, me. I also can’t guarantee I will use what you let me use in anything.


Same as above but with art instead! You can create me one or several sprites, or provide me with the rights to use (exclusively or non-exclusively) your existing art if you have created any. Please note that, as a game creator, game sprites and art are the only things I really have a use for – art for characters, tilesets, etc.


Surprise me! Anything you send me will count as a donation (unless it’s something nasty. No surströmming, anthrax or dog poo). If it’s food, please make sure it’s in date and will be when it arrives, and won’t spoil in transit or arrive rancid. And please make sure I won’t be hit with any excessive postage-unpaid or customs costs – I will likely refuse any extravagant payments I am asked to make, and Royal Mail do like slapping £7 charges on handling fees. Otherwise, I welcome relics from your home country if you’re non-UK, region-free console games (particularly those in foreign languages and ESPECIALLY games that aren’t available in the UK), anything weird – whatever you like.

If you’re making a physical product that is using my font, particularly if it’s a media thing (CDs, vinyls, DVDs, Blu-rays, games etc), I would love to receive a copy of that and would happily count that as a donation as well!

A McCluskey
7 Churchway Cottages
Diss, Suffolk
IP22 1RL
United Kingdom

50 thoughts on “Donations

  1. Can I use this for my banner and profile icon? I am new to YouTube and am partnered, but I currently don’t have any money so could I go ahead start using it, and are there any alternitives to to donating that doesn’t cost money?

      1. Thanks so much, I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to pay anything but I have voted on steam and is there any possibility if/when the game comes out I can get it for free? I’ll definitely do a video on it and would love to give you a shoutout. Thanks for everything!!

  2. Can I use your font in my YouTube channel icon and banner+ on social sites? These are technically monetized, but I don’t have any money to give you right now, and I’ll probably forget later, so can I use the “Gang Wolfik” font, and are there any alternitives for donations that don’t cost money?

  3. Can I use the font vermin_vibes_out_of_ink for commercial use if I vote for INNOQUOUS 5 on the steam community page?

  4. Hey man I would like to use your “Tolerant” font for a youtube banner, what do you need for me to use it?

    1. I never got a reply from you but I voted for your game, still wondering If I can use the font.

      1. Hey, sorry for not replying – must have missed the message 😦

        Yeah, you’re more than welcome to use the font. Thanks for the vote! 🙂

  5. Hi there. I have voted on Steam, could you e-mail me the commercial usage documentation for the font BigQuicksand? Thanks!

  6. Hello Nal,

    I am a struggling graphic artist and used your font “Grandma’s Television” in one of my works. I also went ahead and donated $5.00 to your cause. (I get it, I’m in the same boat with you.) Despite my commercial efforts maybe not becoming a million dollar idea, is there anyway I could possibly receive the commercial usage documentation? Thank you in advance

    1. That’s absolutely fine – and yes, you can use the font! Thank you for the donation, and good luck with your art 🙂

  7. Hey Nal, My names michael, I voted for your game for the font! :), username was “juniorreign28”

  8. WYBML Looks really cool. A very interesting looking puzzle game. I’d be sure to check it out when it is green lit. I upvoted it, so can I use your Xsotic font in my Youtube videoes? Thanks anyway, good luck with the game.

  9. Can I use Tomorrow Wind Font for the font on my youtube title pages? if i vote on greenlight ?

  10. Hey there, I was wondering if I can use the font “Tomorrow Land” on my YouTube channels thumbnails if I vote on Greenlight

  11. Hello i voted on your game on greenlight, and am also considering a donation. I was just hoping you could email me the commercial usage documentation for the font “Vermin Vibes” thanks alot, i love all the work you have done ❤

  12. Hi. I wanted to print a few t shirts and try sell them and I was wondering what it would take to get your permission to use the font. I’m new to all this and wasn’t sure what I’d have to do. Thanks

    1. Hey, any one of the links in the post above will allow you to use the font 🙂 You don’t need my express permission beyond that!

  13. Hi, i would like to use your font in my one person company LOGO, what should i do to get your permission.

  14. I am considering using your font in a logo. I am donating today. Can you please send me the commercial licence documents?

  15. Hey Nal,

    I donated $3.00 dollars to you on PayPal for the purpose of using your font “Fingbanger” commercially in my YouTube videos (10 second maximum text animations). I’d greatly appreciate it if you could give me the commercial use documentation! If you need the PayPal transaction ID, I can provide it to you.


    1. Thanks for the donation! You’re now welcome to use the font, no physical documentation required 🙂 If you need something for your records though (eg an invoice), shoot me an email at and I’ll see what I can do. Cheers

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  17. What game should I green light because when I go to your games most of them are already green-lit. I would love to use your font in my logo and banner for YouTube, so I would appreciate your answer soon :).

    1. Hi,

      At the moment, I don’t have any in the Greenlight pipeline. If you’re not able to donate in any other way, you can use the font anyway for now 🙂

  18. So I wanted to use your font for my youtube logo and banner and I was wondering what I should greenlight because most of your games are already in the steam store. If you could reply quickly that would be great. I’m kind of broke and a kid so I dont have much money.

  19. Hi Nal, im starting a clothing brand and i would love to use your fonts on some of my shirts. I have 0 income with this brand and havn’t created it yet. But i do want to start it out and was wondering if i can use your Primal font if i donated something?

  20. Hi, I voted on your steam game! How many of your fonts can I use? (They are sick!!!1) and could I atleast get the License info in email for the High Jinks?

    1. It’s your choice. But do note that they’ve been a lot of work to make, and I now do this for a living 🙂 Cheers!

      1. Ok well I will donate a few dollars per font I use as soon as I get some money in! (I won’t use them before I get money obviously :P)

      2. If you’re planning to donate, I’m more than happy for you to start using them in the meantime! 🙂

  21. Hi,

    I’m planning to use your “confidel” font for a logo/branding of a product I’m making. Haven’t started, to be honest I’m still in designing stage. Would I be able to commercially use it if I vote for your “Tick Tick Pass” on Steam Greenlight?

    Would really appreciate this.

    Thanks and let me know!

  22. Hi,

    Im planning to use your “berate_the_elementary” font for my logo for a car group im setting up, would this be okay would potentially start selling merchandise eventually but not sure when that would be.

    I have voted on steam greenlight and if i do sell anything i will make a donation to your paypal.

    Could you send me the commercial use documentation if it is okay for me to use this logo.

    Absoluteley love the font and will also send you over some of the designs when they are finished, and can always post you some stickers and hoodies that i was going to do for some of us running the group.

    Many Thanks

  23. Andrew, I just donated $50 to your paypal and requested a confirmation email. Fantastic fonts. Love them. Thanks.

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