Exclusive Fonts

For a fee, I can create you any of the following font-related things. This page is subject to change, however any pricing changes made after you contact will not affect you unless they decrease.

Price Guide


Custom font design. For examples of my work, visit my Fonts page.  For an accurate quote, please email me with exactly what you need, and if possible, examples of fonts close to what you require in style.

Base price: $120 (Basic font, Single A-Z either lowercase or capitals)
+ Second A-Z set (so choose this if you need both upper and lowercase): $60
+ Numerals 0-9: $20
+ Minimal punctuation: $10 (full stop, comma, apostrophe, hyphen, parentheses (), ? and !, &, /)
+ Extra punctuation: $30 ({ } : ; + = _ $ £ ” % ^ * ~ # < > etc)
+ Special characters for French, German etc: $50+ (let me know what you need)
+ Cyrillic, Greek, Japanese*, other non-Latin alphabets*: $60-500 each (depending on character count)
+ Extra styles (bold, condensed, thin, oblique etc): Full price again, minus $60 from the Base price
+ Add a wordmark similar to the font: $80 for one, $40 for extra alternative styles thereafter
+ Specific requests: Depends on the request

Extra costs for font styles
Basic sans serif: $0
Basic serif: $10
Complex sans serif: $50
Complex serif: $100
Techno/modern gothic: $0
Handwritten: $10
Grunge/Eroded: $20
Brush/Script: $40
Extension of an existing wordmark/logo: $20
Misc/Not Sure: Please enquire with examples of the sort of thing you’re after


If you have your eye on a font I have already created and wish to purchase the rights to use it exclusively, I can discuss this with you. Note that I cannot prevent people that have already downloaded the font from continuing to use it. I can pull the font from DaFont and FontSpace, but I cannot pull it from any other sites that have redistributed the font.

While this varies from font to font (and I’ll be reluctant to sell certain fonts), a good estimation of the price I will require to sell a font is $0.01 for every download it has received on DaFont rounded to the nearest $100 – so a font with 50,000 downloads would be $500. 

Wordmarks (Stand-alone)

A wordmark is a mixture of font and logo: no images, but the wordmark may feature a level of complexity not possible to achieve with a font (think, for example, the Coca-Cola logo, or dubstep producer Datsik’s logo). If you also require a matching full font with your wordmark, please see above. My wordmarks will be single-colour images. If you have a logo, I can incorporate it into the wordmark.

Base price: $80 (Basic wordmark, one style, high quality PNG)
+ Complexity (will be quoted on request): $10-$200
+ Alternative styles (eg vertical versions): $40 each
+ Vector version (provided in a .ttf file): $10



(Last updated: 24th March 2014)

All costs are in US Dollars. 50% of the final price needs to be paid up front. This will be refunded if for any reason I personally cannot continue work on your commission, but will NOT be refunded if you reject the final piece of work. Until the work is paid for in full, you will not own any part of my work or the right to use it, and if the work is not paid for in a reasonable amount of time, I reserve the right to use it myself for my own personal and commercial purposes. If you use any sample currently owned by me prior to completion and payment, you will owe me the full final cost of the work and I end working on it there and then – if payment is not received in due course and you continue to use the work without payment in sufficient time, I reserve the right to take legal action. Once the work is paid for, you will receive non-sample versions of everything ordered and will own all personal and commercial rights to use the work exclusively. You will also, at point of sale, own the copyright to the work.

The fee can include multiple revisions of your request at no extra cost, but please be reasonable. I endeavour to make the piece of work you are looking for in as few revisions as possible. 

I reserve the right to use anything I create non-commercially as a part of my portfolio (displaying to potential customers what I can do). If you do not pay for the work in full, along with the consequences above, I will almost certainly do this. If you pay for the work in full, you are welcome to opt out of this (just say through an email) and I will respect your wishes. This will be the only way I use the work. Fonts paid for in full will not be distributed in any format except as a visual image showing an incomplete glyph set. Regardless of payment, all trademarks and copyrights are still owned by you.

Fee does not include any form of tuition on how to use your font, images etc or anything outside of what is specifically listed above. You can use Google to help with these, or I can give you instruction for a fee I will quote depending on what it is you need. I also reserve the right to charge extra if you treat me with any level of contempt, something I will warn you about first before adding the fee. 

As none of my work is based on an hourly rate, do not expect me to work outside of reasonable hours or days. I will, however, endeavour to complete your work as soon as I can. If there is any reason it might take longer than a few days (holidays/other), I will warn in advance. 

*Quality may vary due to my relative inexperience with these sets. 

For inquiries please contact nal@nalgames.com.


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