Bizarre game that most will see as eye candy, but is actually a not-bad arcade shooter. An enemy floats around shooting in as many directions as the wave number. You use your stream of bullets to take his down while killing him and protecting yourself. Kill the enemy and he becomes stronger (and you get more points).

Keep going until you run out of health, which is shown in large for a second or so when you get shot. Points at top. Controls shown in-game. And, of course, all displayed in lovely sprays of colour (where it gets its name – the hue of all the in-game stuff is constantly changing).

Don’t expect to understand it at first!

Release Date: November 22nd 2008
Genre: Arcade Shooter
Made In: GameMaker 7.0
Size: 2.76MB
Music: Andrew McCluskey
Platform: Windows
Price: Free

Game Jolt | Direct


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