FKR4 / by Allison James


The rogue is the game, and you are the victim.

Didn't understand the first three FKR games? Good luck with this one. I've deliberately made it confusing, even bullying, in an attempt to think outside the Contest 4 box and, instead of featuring a rogue in the game, making the game the rogue.

So, yeah. If you really don't understand it, try FKR2 or 3. They may or may not guide you in the right direction.

For all you collectors, there's a trophy for getting to 150,000 points. It's possible, I've done it. Push H on the menu if you've achieved it to submit your details and get it.

FKR4 is unsuitable for people that suffer from or have a history of epilepsy. I cannot be held responsible for any negative effects, major or minor, occurred from playing this game. If in any doubt... don't play it. Simple.


System: Windows
Price: Free
Music: Subbass
Fonts: Mini-System



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