It Only Takes A Second

In It Only Takes a Second, you control a bomb. You must strike the target on each level with 00:01 remaining. The catch? The bomb’s countdown timer is defective. It will stay on one static time throughout each level.

So how do you complete them? Well, when the bomb’s actual timer reaches the same second as the static displayed time, it will go green. At that point, you have to count down the seconds until its detonation. A second out either way and you’ll be greeted with a large, red cross.

There are 20 levels, spread across four environments – Grassy, Underwater, Metal, and Hell. Each one has its own quirk. For example, in Underwater, you can’t complete a level until you’ve collected all five shards from it.

If you’re not one for counting, or you’re looking for some replay value, there’s a Speedrun mode. In this, you don’t have to count down, just complete all 20 levels as quickly as you possibly can.

Release Date: August 28th 2009
Genre: Puzzle Platformer
Made In: GameMaker 7.0
Size: 4.40MB
Music: xBla
Platform: Windows
Price: Free

YoYo Games | Game Jolt | Direct


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