Melodika / by Allison James


Melodika is a simple game for music lovers. It allows you to pick from one of five tracks, or import your own MP3s or one of many other filetypes thanks to andrewmc's Saudio extension. Gameplay consists of you riding through a tunnel, hitting oncoming spheres in a trail with a beam of light, which gives you combo and score points depending on how close you were to the middle of the beam, while the track chosen plays. High combos mean hitting spheres results in a huge amount of points, but also increases the difficulty of gameplay.

At the end of a game (the end of the song), you're given some statistics, including average accuracy as a percentage and a score which is based on the score accumulated in-game altered to cater for track length.

It's not particularly sophisticated, but if you enjoy music you should enjoy playing this. As always, if you have any feedback, please feel free to comment below.


System: Windows
Price: Free
Music: TerraNation
Fonts: ?



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