Ne Touchez Pas 3 / by Allison James


Ne Touchez Pas 3 is a large third games in the NTP series, in which you must mavigate your way through a series of levels increasing in difficulty (they start fairly easily but become very, very difficult as you progress). As well as being a sequel to NTP1/2, it's also a sequel to NAL's Jet Pod and Rockit. In the game, you can choose one of four ways to play - the Bird, the Jet Pod, Rockit, and a spaceman (let's call him NAL).

There are 50 levels in Ne Touchez Pas 3. I have thoroughly tested the game and modified aspects for certain characters to ensure that every level is possible with every character. The game allows you to play any level at any time, so you can skip levels if you get stuck or revisit them at will. It will also record levels you've completed and give you an overall percentage of completion (to give you an idea of the difficulty of the final levels, the highest recorded percentage achieved is 99%).


System: Windows
Price: Free
Music: Kevin MacLeod, Peacemaker, Steven Freedom
Fonts: Ambient



“One of your most successful projects. Minimalistic, well made, polished and enjoyable.” - scoz
”Great game that I spent a lot of time playing.” - brxtr
”You did a great job with this!” - KniteBlargh