Ne Touchez Pas 3

Ne Touchez Pas 3 is a huge update to the first two NTPs. Basically, as well as being a sequel to NTP1/2, it’s also a sequel to NAL’s Jet Pod and Rockit. In the game, you can choose one of four ways to play – the Bird, the Jet Pod, Rockit, and a spaceman (let’s call him NAL).

There are 50 levels, most of which return from the first two games. I have thoroughly tested the game and modified item for certain characters to ensure that every level is possible with every character.

Note: TwilightPhantasm sign-in prompts need to be skipped as that website is long defunct.

Release Date: March 2nd 2009
Genre: Action Puzzle
Made In: GameMaker 7.0
Size: 3.58MB
Music: Kevin MacLeod, Peacemaker, Steven Freedom
Platform: Windows
Price: Fre

Game Jolt | Direct


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