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I’ve been developing independent games for 16 years, and designing fonts for 14. I now do these at Chequered Ink Ltd, a joint venture between me and Dan Johnston. Previously programmed games professionally with YoYo Games for over five, from July 2010 to August 2015, including my own Maddening Overload on PS4. I’ve also dabbled in the creation of magazines and music, as well as writing short stories and doing Let’s Plays of games on YouTube. I’m Allison James, 27, female, half Scottish and half English and currently living in Newport, Wales.

I’ve had over a million plays on my independent games, and over 30 million cumulative font downloads.

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  1. Hi NAL. I loved your game Innoquous 4 and I’m really looking forward to the release of its successor Innoquous 5. I’m only wondering if the game will be free or paying since it will be released on Steam and itch.io. I suppose it will be free as the previous game was, but I couldn’t find out on Steam Greenlight. So could you please tell me ? Sorry to bother you 🙂 Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi NAL…I have just downloaded your Folklore font. I co-founded (and do all of the graphic design for) a non-profit organization called Unite Miami Shores and we do a fundraiser once a year called the Unity Ball. Your font will become part of the Unity Ball logo. Last year we donated to local organizations which helped feed the elderly, bring the arts to inner city children, and supply a public school with new IT equipment, just to name a few. So I hope its ok that we use your font for free, and would like to thank you for being a small part of what we do. Enjoy the day! Giselle Kovac, Miami Shores, Florida, USA

      1. Hi NAL, I am going to use your font for my company name.. I like to use “particulator regular” – good job doing this font, it is really origami style 😉
        Thank you !!

  3. Hi NAL,
    I really like your font “particulator regular” I would like to use your font for the name of my future graphic design company I am working on.. I did actually lil changes to make it look more rounded instead of sharp corners.. But still its your creation So I have a same favor to ask as Giselle to use your font for free and thank you for being part of my project 😉

  4. Hey NAL!

    I am making a YouTube channel with one of my mates, and we just wanted to make sure that using your font “sharp” was okay too you!

  5. Hi NAL,

    I am interested in using your font “The Rave Is In Your Pants” in Logo for my client. I like it very much, great job! In case if I modify shape just a little of some letters in design is my client needs to purchase your font or something? (I am not changing files of font, just talking about look in design)

    Thank you! 🙂

  6. Hey man, I was wondering if I could use the font “Tolerant” for my youtube and twitch channels?

  7. Hi NAL, I have been making YouTube banners for my friends completely free and I just realised the conditions I was supposed to follow, I have made one so far and I was wondering if I could use your fonts such as Y-andermo and Vermin Vibes

  8. Hi NAL,
    I recently made a YouTube banner for a friend completely free and I was wondering if that was ok. I only just realised the conditions of using the font

  9. Hi NAL. I’m using your Digital Dismay font to overlay a timer during time-lapse scenes in my Let’s Play series on YouTube. I noticed the readme, and although I’m not monetizing my videos at this point, I sent you the game on Steam anyway. Enjoy! 🙂

  10. Hello Nal! I just wanted to make sure that I could use your font Italipixel for a free gamemaker game that I am making. Like I said, the games gonna be free, so don’t worry! If you have any questions for me, you can email me at my email R.roar101@gmail.com, or just leave a comment on this comment! Thank you!

  11. hi nal, yesterday I downloaded fonts “and then it ends,” I love it, can I use the “and then it ends font” for watermark or stamp in the photo and photo manipulations that I upload on instagram and facebook? can i use it for free?

  12. Hello, i downloaded one of your fonts “Tolerant” i will just use it for personal use and making “text logos” as im a photoshop beginner.

  13. NAl. Thank you for your animal silence font! I used this font for our school foundation day badge in our team we call Growling Yellow Tigers. Thanks a lot! If I have a work soon, I promise you to donate some of my profit. Sorry for now because I’m still a grade 10 student from the Philippines. Thanks again! kiss kiss kiss

  14. Hell, I am a boy that is wanting to use your font “Animal Silence” for fan art for a YouTuber. Can I use the font or did I not have to ask? Thanks

  15. Hello Nal,
    I have seen your games for the first time(and your website) a long time ago before somes changes on yoygames websites, your website….

    And I have download innoquous 3 editable on an other computer who actualy not work.

    The problem is : Links to download the editable games are dead and to consequence don’t give me any possibility to download it and use it again.


    1. Hi Alexis! At present, I’m afraid the editable section isn’t active. I may put them back up at a later date, but do remember that they’re all several years old now, so their value in 2016 is fairly diminished.

      1. I know this. I just want to have innoquous 3 to create a remake of it on GMS and try to change it into innoquous 5 game style (3D, menus and more)

        I’m ready to give a lot of time to adapt and remake it.
        I’m waiting for the section come back and I thank’s you in advance for the time you have gived to me to send your reply !
        (Sorry for my bad english)

  16. I would like to use your font ‘And Then It Ends’ in a logo i am doing for a client & wondered if that was ok & how best to reward you for the privilege?

    1. Hey,

      A donation of any amount (see the links in the top navbar of this site) would be great if you can – thank you very much 🙂

  17. Hello,

    We have left an email for you.
    Hopefully we can come to an agreement .

    Adam| On behalf of TheCrepCloset

  18. Hey i would like to use your font for my book, is that ok? I will donate £3 🙂

  19. checkin out your font for a pal in game design school for his game logo!

  20. Hello! Nice Electromagnetic lungs you got there! I am using it in my game. : D

  21. Hello Nal,
    i got a Press Account for Itch.io and would like to use your Fonts for my Thumbnails at
    Youtube(Videos are not monetized by me, just the music owners monetize sometimes).
    If you got further Questions, just contact me.

    Kind regards, TwitcherUS

  22. Hi Nal!
    I’m currently making a cover for a school contest, and I would like to use your font (Electromagnetic Lungs) as part of the design. Thank you!

  23. Hello,

    I would like to use your font Grandma’s TV for a logo for a local start up company. I am assuming that this is fine and that I can just make a donation to you?

    1. Hello,

      A donation would be much appreciated. You have my permission to use the font as you require!

  24. Hi NAL!

    I am currently designing the cover of next year’s student handbook for my community college. I love your font Front Page Neue and was hoping I would be able to use it for the text on the cover. Many copies will be printed, but none will be sold, just given to new students.

    Thank you!

  25. Hello! NAL!
    I would like to use your font ’Travel Maker’ in a logo for a local start up company.
    I am doing for a client. is that ok? I will donate.Thanks you.:)

  26. Hey Nal

    Your fonts are amazing. I would like to use your font Vermin Vibes in our E-Sports team logo. I emailed you regarding this too, along with the logo png. I hope you are okay with it!

  27. Hi Nal! I am going to use your font for non-profit usage. I just wanted to let you know. Thank you!

  28. Hey NAL,

    Just saw your parked page on Ben Smith’s old TP domain via the wayback machine. Hit me in the nostalgia hard. Glad to see you’re doing well!

    – Macx 😉

    1. I’d have renewed the domain but I figured nobody had seen it – neat you did after all this time! Hope you’re doing great as well Macx, has been a while!

  29. NAL,
    We’re a nonprofit and are using your 19th Century Renegaee font to promote some “get up and go” among some of our executives (printed materials, not on our website)! Thanks for the great font!

  30. Hi,
    I would like to use your Manly Man font for my brother’s company log I’m designing. Willing to pay if needed. Let me know. Thanks!

      1. Just bought the Business Lite License since he’s just starting and it’s just him. Thank you so much! 🙂

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