Allison James

Serial content creator. Created over 750 fonts and over 150 games to date, along with numerous other projects of varying degrees of success.

My fonts have been used by a wild array of people and businesses…

…from musicians such as Flo Rida, Chris Brown, David Guetta, The Prodigy, Charli XCX, Ariana Grande, Zedd, JKT48, Excision, B.o.B and Krewella…
…to films and TV shows like Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, Game Loading: Rise of the Indies, Conan, DC Titans and Comedy Bang Bang…
…to games including Watch Dogs 1 and 2, NBA 2K, Cosmic Star Heroine, State of Mind, Grand Theft Auto Online, Color Switch and Agents of Mayhem…
…to sportspeople’s identities such as Phil “The Power” Taylor’s retirement attire, Zack Ryder shirts and Cesaro and Sheamus’ The Bar clothing…
…to companies such as WWE, NJPW, UFC, PBS, and Lego…
…and others, including the likes of Derren Brown’s Ghost Train ride at Thorpe Park, the Dajto TV channel, Honest Trailers, Smooth McGroove.

My games are far more niche, but you may have seen Maddening Euphoria on the Nintendo Switch, Maddening Overload on the PlayStation 4, Innoquous in Edge Magazine UK, Hi Me Ro Me being let’s-played by NerdCubed, or Dreaming On E being slated to death by Vinesauce.

The Basics

Born: May 1991
Lives In: United Kingdom
Qualifications: I got a D in A-Level Design & Tech if that counts
Favourite Colours: Dark grey, yellow and pink - ideally all together
Favourite Music Artist: Röyksopp
Favourite Song: Hybrid - Finished Symphony
Favourite Film: Pleasantville
Favourite Game: Bully

Chequered Links

Main: Chequered Ink
DaFont: Chequered Ink
FontSpace: Chequered Ink CI
Steam: Chequered Ink Ltd

Misc (Add me!)

Facebook: AllieJJ
Twitter: NALGames
LinkedIn: Allison James
Skype: nal-games
Discord: Allison James#3000
Reddit: AllisonJJ
PlayStation Network: AllisonInk
Xbox: Superplex
Switch: SW-8192-8200-7829
Email: nal AT