Convert? Bugger off! / by Allison James

It's been a while. Need to get rid of some of the cobwebs on this beast :PAnyways, this post is to tell you about some git that's been PMing me on YoYo Games, trying to convert me to Christianity.One day, I walked into this post by a member that will remain anonymous:-

Are you a christian?<user's name>If not look at my signature...

The user's signature:

There is one way to God. Through Jesus Christ!!! If you accept Jesus into your heart you"ll live forever in heaven. Now that is a real Computer Game!!

If you know me fairly well, you'll know I bloody hate people trying to press their religions on me. So I replied as follows:

No, I'm an atheist, and it's staying that way. If there's one thing I do not want, it's somebody trying to push religious crap on me, alright?

This seemed to rattle his cage. He then told me:

Well you have one. I know of many people who became Christians and they NEVER regret it. You MUST accept Jesus into your heart. Do you want to go to hell. You Will If You Don't Accept Christ!!! Do you have any family or friends who are Christians? If so, talk to them. This is what life is all about!! Please accept or you'll go to Hell which is an everlasting fire!! Do you really want to go to hell. Please accept him into your heart. See, the purpose of life is God, not us. He wants to save you!! But Jesus can't unless You accept it. He has given you the best gift anyone could ever give, and to not accept it would be very foolish. His gift is better than Gamemaker 7.0 pro, better than the very best thing you could ever think of!! I have accepted and I haven't and never will regret it because I know that when Jesus comes back he'll take me home to heaven and all who haven't accepted will be thrown into the everlasting fire (hell)!! I know of some other Christians on Yoyo Games like my bro. Makerman, Desertdweller, Hill Brothers, and Archerycat29. He will come back and ask you, have youi lived your life for Jesus, and as of now you'll have to say no. Please accept. Believe in him!!

By which point, I was getting pissed off. My fiery reply to this outburst:

Look. I hold my faith in science. Where science is concerned, there is no hope in hell of a God of any kind. Hence my Atheism. You have no proof whatsoever that your worship is doing any good whatsoever - just a bunch of fairy-tales that any old bloke could've coined. As far as science and my belief is concerned, when you die, that's it. You're a series of cells that die off and life ends right there. Now, I have no problem with other people's religions or beliefs, and will not try to convert anybody to atheism. Ever. Furthermore, I will never be converted to any religion, under any circumstance. If you cannot respect my beliefs, go to hell. As literally as you like.

Unfortunately, religious nuts NEVER give up. His reply:

I do have proof. Who made you? No one but Jesus Christ!!


My mother. She was made by her mother, and so on. Saying she was made by Jesus Christ is proof in the same way being shot in the face is good for your health. The theory of evolution is a million times more believable than some God randomly conceiving her. I will not be converted to a religion, nor will I ever be. Any subsequent PMs you send me in any way related to religion will be deleted and not replied to. Goodbye.

Since then, he's replied twice, once telling me "I must believe!" and a second asking me who made the first people in the world. Despite a temptation to reply "Who the fuck do you think made God then?!" I kept my word - deleted what he said and left it there.I am atheist and will be staying that way. I just wanna state though that I have no problem with other people's beliefs or other religions, only people that want to push them on me. Especially over a PM system on a game making website.NAL out.