And another! / by Allison James

I feel like kindness tonight! Like kindness tonight!No chicken.Anyway, here's a four level demo of It Only Takes A Second, with the gimmick now intact. Since it's there for all to see, I may as well explain it here:The axiom chosen is "A stopped clock is right twice a day" (or however it's worded).It's called It Only Takes A Second because you have to finish the level with one second left on the time limit.However, the time limit is broken/stopped. It will stick on one number of seconds for the entire level.When the actual time left hits the displayed "time left" (the time the broken clock is right), the time is displayed in green. You then have to count the seconds down while you finish the level so you can complete it at 00:01. It beeps at you every second to make it easier to count.I've made another couple of changes. The biggest is that, instead of the ball switching "z" value every time you change a plane, the planes themselves swap over, so the one you're on is always at the front. This should eliminate the "which plane am I on?" confusion.With that in mind, see if you can complete these four levels.Download (2.51MB)~NAL