Sigh / by Allison James

Still waiting for Softwrap. They only took a day last time I needed something from them - typical that they're taking longer when I really need Pro ASAP.Oh well, guess I'd better update on Lite Town Wars.It's going well. Since the last blog entry, I made several improvements, including one which changes the drawing engine to incorporate perspective. Notice in the last screenshot, the tops of the skyscrapers are identical in size to the bases. Now, they're not. I'd upload a screenshot of this, but it's hard to tell since I made the skyscrapers so damn high. Making the perspective was a fairly easily calculation though - it just works out the positions of two opposite top corners separately, instead of a single calculation for the centre of the top.I've also done the HUD, and incorporated a system to do a few things I've not really attempted before - levelling up, max. health increases, multiple weapons (pistol, Uzi, rocket launcher, grenades), and limited clips of the pistol and Uzi (so, for example, you have to reload the pistol after 8 shots).I won't bother with an updated demo yet - I'll wait until there's at least a little extra gameplay.Well, that's all. See you in another blog entry!~NALEDIT (6:49pm GMT)Here's a screenshot of Lite Town Wars so far.As usual, click it to see it in full.