Talast / by Allison James

PLEASE NOTE This blog entry is no longer valid. All Talast posts have been merged into this blog!This blog is mostly to let you know the reason I'll be blogging less here.I've started a blog which reviews music, films, products etc. I've done this partly to get paid for blogging. It's already been accepted by a company that pays you to talk about certain products and services, so it's going well.Anyway, it's called Talast. It can be found here: http://talast.com/ . If you like it, feel free to comment on reviews, either about their content or suggesting games/films to review. I will occasionally look at indie games, though these will likely only be high-profile ones such as Braid, World of Goo, etc.Why Talast? It says why under the logo - "Taking A Look At Some Things". It was the catchiest name I could come up with while being unique. After all, most well-known sites have abnormal names.On a gaming note, I released a poor shooter called RKF not so long ago. It can be found on my Game Jolt account and on YoYo Games.That's about it. I'll blog about games and personal life here, but it'll probably be less often now Talast is in my life.~NAL