I Won't Forget To Sleep If I Blog / by Allison James

Title comes from something I mentioned in the Sinfully Delicious chatroom (I'm there a lot so if you fancy a chat with me or one of its several other frequenters feel free to come), where Rebecca (needs no introduction to anyone that's been reading this blog for a while) suggested I should sleep then blog when I wake up, to which I basically replied "I'll forget to blog if I sleep. I won't forget to sleep if I blog...".Anyways, a few things have happened since the last entry, which was a week ago thanks to my severe laxness in writing stuff.The most relevant one to the blog is that I released a new quickie game, created in 1-2 hours (it was within the space of two hours - 10pm to midnight, but I was chatting during that period so it wasn't all game work). The game name is Acid R[ai/eig]n - a play on the fact it contains acid rain, which ends up reigning. You prolong the life of your plains by growing a curly, branchy tree, which should cover as much horizontal ground as possible. There's more description given on its YYG page, which you can find here.In other game making news, Ne Touchez Pas IV on YYG is a downrating magnet. Many of these people are actually entrants into the competition. I'm not so much angry at the fact they're hurting NTPIV's rating (temporarily - my YYG moderator friend is always on hand to tell me who did it, remove the downratings and punish as necessary) as I am disappointed the human race simply can't play fair.Offshoot topic - about Competition 05. I maintain that I'm not in it to place. A "best of the rest" or whatever mention would be nice, but I'm not one for high hopes so if I don't make the list I'm not too concerned. But another thing I dislike - the cockiness of many entrants. I've seen so many people that seem to think their entry is definitely going to place. The vast majority of these are games that clearly aren't... even some of those that must've taken a lot of effort pale in comparison to some of the better entries. My personal favourite entrant is Blackfoot, though.I've designed the cover for the second of Rebecca Clare Smith's Jocasta Lizzbeth Moonshadow. This is a rare instance of me doing something graphical - I keep what little design skill I have away from game making because the two always seem to clash horribly. You can find this piece of graphical design here. If you'd like to comment on it I'd recommend posting on that blog entry, not this one, as she's likely to reliably tell me about the comments. I'm forgetful and my brain is mushy. Of course, if you want to post it on both entries then a virtual cookie your way. Even a real one if you're willing to go out and purchase it yourself.Wednesday = shopwork, and I spent most of the day, having had my iPod touch suffer from an odd problem that now means it won't accept any applications (bastard), playing Pokémon HeartGold on the Nintendo DS. My verdict of it so far is that it's average. Gold and Silver were so long ago I've forgotten all the bits and pieces from it, so the nostalgia factor is gone. All that's left is a passable Pokémon game. Come on Game Freak, I'm sick of all these half-assed games with only about 60% of the roster actually catchable in-game. Release one with all the areas, all the Pokémon and all the awesome you COULD get out of the franchise!Wrestlemania 26 was on Sunday, and despite most critics calling it average, I still loved it. Bar the odd slightly poor match (Bret Hart vs Vince McMahon, that freaking pathetic diva tag team match ft. Eddie Guerrero's widow, a pot-bellied pig) it was stunning stuff, particularly the final match of the show. I'm also loving their NXT program, though I'd like to see four of the rookies get into the main WWE roster (Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater). Mind you, that may still happen, despite them only saying one would.Anyway, it's 12:30am. That's half an hour later than I'm normally awake, and the last thing I want is to return to my old stay-up-to-7am days. Feeling crappy thanks to sleeping fail - does not want. Gotta be up as early tomorrow to witness the failure emanating strongly from all the weak, predictable, boring April Fool's jokes on all the GM websites.G'night all!