Facts, Disguised as a Quiz / by Allison James

So, here's some obscure stuff about me. But that's just boring. So, here are some multiple choice questions about me. You're not likely to know many, but please feel free to guess at them. No prizes for winners. :P1. Had I been born a girl, what would my name have been?a. Katrina, b. Kaitlyn, c. Kim, d. Katherine

2. What was the first game console I ever owned?a. SNES, b. PlayStation, c. Megadrive (Genesis), d. NES

3. Which Pokémon game did I play first?a. Red, b. Blue, c. Yellow, d. Stadium

4. What's the name of my first published LittleBigPlanet level?a. Wheelcage (Test & Win), b. Woodworld, c. Vector Fortress, d. Slam

5. Which game do I own on both the Xbox and PlayStation 2?a. XIII, b. SSX On Tour, c. Burnout 3: Takedown, d. Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

6. For which British television series do I own all but one item of on VHS?a. Blackadder, b. Fawlty Towers, c. Bottom, d. The Young Ones

7. Who is my all-time favourite film director?a. Quentin Tarantino, b. Peter Jackson, c. James Cameron, d. Robert Rodriguez

8. What's my favourite colour?a. Red, b. Yellow, c. Green, d. Blue

9. When on holiday with a friend, he attempted, but got refused due to his age, to buy a what?a. Copy of Viz, b. Inflatable sheep, c. Pack of tampons, d. Vibrator

10. My multitool consists of a torch, a knife, a saw, a bottle cap opener, two screwdrivers and what other function?a. Corkscrew, b. Lighter, c. Pair of pliers, d. Pair of scissors

11. I enjoy walks around a Fen which is located partially in my village. Where is the other part located?a. Lopham, b. Botesdale, c. Rickinghall, d. Hinderclay

12. Which of these musical acts have not inspired the name of one or more of my games in some way?a. La Roux, b. LCD Soundsystem, c. Padded Cell, d. Lindstrom

13. Which film by Disney/Pixar do I LEAST like?a. Finding Nemo, b. A Bug's Life, c. Toy Story 2, d. Cars

14. I pulled the Caps Lock key out of my keyboard, along with which other key?a. Insert, b. Scroll Lock, c. Right Shift, d. Tab

15. Which of the following have I never played?a. Crazy Taxi (DC), b. Crazy Taxi (PS2), c. Crazy Taxi 2 (DC), d. Crazy Taxi 3 (Xbox)

16. Which series of Blackadder is my favourite?a. 1, b. II, c. The Third, d. Goes Forth

17. When given a free copy of Table Tennis on Xbox 360, what did I do with it?a. Sold it, b. Gave it to an X360-owning friend, c. Kept it incase I ever get a 360, d. Impaled the disc on a screwdriver

18. Which film from the Matrix anthology is my favourite?a. The Matrix, b. Reloaded, c. Revolutions, d. Animatrix

19. I once convinced several gullible friends that I had a fairly odd middle name. What was it?a. Jesus, b. God, c. Fuck, d. Punisher

20. And an easy one to finish: Which character from a cartoon am I most likely to impersonate?a. Homer Simpson, b. Peter Griffin, c. Roger Smith (AD! alien), d. Dr Zoidberg