1n23g4r (pronounce as “integer”) is a challenging puzzle game in which you must make your way through 20 grid-based levels. The only obstacles are the walls. The challenge comes from the fact that your player can only move a set number of squares each move. In his first move he can move one square up/down/left/right. Second, he can move two. This goes on up to the fourth. After a four-square move you loop back to one.

This was originally made for an hour-long friendly competition between me and one other person, so the ground work was done between 10pm and 11pm the night before. The original, named 1234 LMV in Ecuador! was basically the first ten levels with no explanatory element. This is a tweaked, renamed version.

Release Date: February 18th 2010
Genre: Puzzle
Made In: GameMaker 8.0
Size: 2.31MB
Music: None
Platform: Windows
Price: Free

Game Jolt | Direct


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