Maddening Relapse

Maddening Relapse is an intense endless runner with entirely procedurally-generated levels. You are a madman who simply goes by Madd Mann, and you perceive the world as a place where you run around in circles from an unrelenting wall, avoiding world gaps and spikes in the process.

The wall conceals and reveals new terrain, and new to the series, wraps around the circle, always staying in view. The further you get from it, the closer you get to it! Also new to the series – the wall is unrelenting, if you are close enough to it for long enough, you will get a temporary Second Wind speed boost that allows you to distance yourself further from it but is also fairly dangerous.

Coming soon to mysterious platforms!

Release Date: April 9th 2014
Genre: Arcade Platformer
Made In: GameMaker Studio 1.3
Size: 19.2MB
Music: Approaching Nirvana
Platform: Windows
Price: Free

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  1. Hello, my name is Jordie (or known as SkyKzeldar on PSN) and I am an Australian who very much enjoys Maddening Overload. After owning it for a few weeks now, my Arcade Personal Best has reached 540 seconds, but I hope to reach the World title soon.

    Recently, I have got my friends involved in the game too, and I was wondering if the Online Multiplayer will work for our region eventually? None of the settings work when trying to invite or change gamemodes. Also, the Friends leaderboards doesn’t load, and I really wish it would, as we love to compete eachother quite often.

    Finally, I have discovered Maddening Relapse 2, and I was wondering if that would ever come to the PS4. It looks really awesome, and I would definitely love a new feel to the already awesome game.

    Thank-you for your time,


  2. Hi Jordie,

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the game! Maddening Overload is owned by its publisher, YoYo Games. I made it while I was still employed by them – I’m not now. So it’d be up to them to release it fully in Australia. Might be worth contacting them 🙂

    As for Maddening Relapse 2, I’m totally open to porting it or an upgraded version of it to PlayStation 4 (and would love to) – I own MR2, so I can. It just depends on if/when me and my business partner can become developers for the console.

    Thanks again for playing, and I hope to come up with some good news in the not-too-distant future!


  3. Maddening Relapse is an awesome game. It takes the usual platformer and gives it an interesting perspective of endlessly running around in a circular area. I have a best time of nearly 6 minutes, and I don’t plan on stopping soon. This is one awesome game, and I plan to try out some of the previous Maddening titles soon, but not Maddening Overload, as I don’t have a PS4. 😛

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