Orbit Frenzy / by Allison James


You meet a race of aliens that are the friendliest in the world. They exist to love. There is no war.

One problem. They create Special Custard, a substance which to them is just a nutrient food. But to humanity, it grants extended life and is rich in minerals unseen on Earth.

You are Reginald Waft, a savvy British hipster businessman who's left it all - cheeky fried chicken with the lads, banter for days and even the occasional episode of your nearest soap opera with your mum - to ransack the planet. You might even take the concept of their planet and sell it to some British TV channel as a children's programme.

Go with your array of missiles that grapple onto things to steer, and also somehow collect the abundant Special Custard. Missile those cutesy swines before they sing you a song about learning things. And then get back to the lads back in Britain, drop a couple beers, re-curl your moustache and smash up the local gym.

Orbit Frenzy is the clean version of Telifrenzy, Allison James' (and by proxy, Chequered Ink's) entry into Ludum Dare 33.


System: Windows
Price: Free
Music: None
Fonts: Buzzsaw AOE



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