Rev%lver / by Allison James


It's high noon and your targets are all unarmed - but you're not! Only problem is, you've got a gun with an extremely weird quirk.

It asks you questions.

Rev%lver sees you move through quiet, serene deserts, destroying and stealing from docile robots while conserving as much of your ammunition as possible. Every time you pull the trigger, the gun needs a correct percentage level set - and the only way you can work it out is with each given question or statistic. The further away from the correct setting you are, the more ammo the gun discharges and wastes.

If you run out of ammo, scurry back and your captor will give you a refill... for a fee, of course.

Presented with small amounts of humour, Rev%lver has a 97% chance of being fun!

Created in 48 hours for GM48.


System: Windows
Price: Free
Music: Allison James
Fonts: Dan Johnston and Allison James



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