Et voila! / by Allison James

The site, bar a few things, is done now. I've also dived into the CSS of this blog and given it an overhaul to match the main site. There are a couple of other changes too, such as the addition of a couple of gadgets on the site. You can access any of the pages of from the sidebar, and my last five Twitter tweets are shown.I've tested the website and blog in Firefox 3.5 and Internet Explorer 7, both of which display it fine (differently, but fine). If you use a different browser, such as Google Chrome or Opera, and you feel like being helpful, let me know if you experience any problems or see any glitches with the site (it doesn't matter if it looks a bit different but still fine).If you have any suggestions for additions to the blog or website, you can contact me using any of the methods shown on the website's usage page.On the subject of games, which this blog will begin to talk about more, I recently released a trippy game called Head Candy, which was made since I recently learnt how to use surfaces and needed a game to test them on.WIP-wise, I have a few things going on. The first is an Aargon remake. This is currently on hold since I need to learn a few more things to make it. You can find some information on this in a TwilightPhantasm-related blog entry here.Next is a game called Innoquous World. This is basically Innoquous' gravity switching mixed with Seiklus' free roaming and the jumping puzzles of... well, Innoquous, I guess. It will be more worldy though, incorporating proper environments. I've barely started this but I will do so very, very soon. Here's my logo for it:Last is a puzzle game with the working name Rotatarama, in which you play as a man that cannot walk. He can only use a hook which he can throw onto any spot then spin around. Not really concepted this one much, it's just an idea I wouldn't mind carrying out.Anyway, that's it for now. Stay fresh!~NAL