It Only Takes A Second / by Allison James

>Is the name of the game I'm currently making as an entry for the GameJolt Axioms Competition. From the name alone you can probably work out which of the ten preset axioms it uses.I'm not going to detail out its premise yet since I don't want anyone pinching it, but I'm planning on 20-30 levels and some of the online features previously seen in Innoquous 3. It'll also be 3D, as I quite like that extra dimension. Over the coming days and weeks I'll begin to release more information.Of course, while I make this, development of other games is temporarily halted. I don't consider this a bad thing though - look what happened to Innoquous 3 when I halted it to make Infidels!Anyways, fairly short entry but that's all I had to say. See you in the future, suckers!~NAL