Correction: It'll Only Take A Week Or Two / by Allison James

Work on It Only Takes A Second, conveniently shortenable to "IOTAS", is going pretty well. It's currently a 3D platforming game with working lighting (a first for me) and decent physics (another first, I'm on a roll!). It will be a game in which you get two planes, one behind the other, and can switch between them (a la one of my oldest 3D games, Elemence Z, a joint attempt between me and Ben Smith to revive my old Elemence series) to complete levels. Currently, the axiom I have in mind for the game hasn't been implemented in any way whatsoever, so I have no trouble in giving all two or so of you that read this blog a screenshot (which is a teensy bit outdated - it shows a third, central plane) and a li'l tech demo.Download the Tech Demo (2.22MB)Anyway, I'm enjoying making this game, so expect it to be an entry into the competition as planned.Well, that's all for today. It's 3:20am at the moment, and I have to be up early tomorrow/today. So... yeah. Wing dang doodle to you all.~NAL