IOTAS 0.7 & Site down / by Allison James

On Game Jolt, I recently released an alpha version of It Only Takes A Second, featuring ten levels. This can be found here.Also, since so many people apparently can't work out how to play it (despite clear instructions in the alpha), I made a video guide which should put the controls in plain English. That can be found here. It's recommended you watch it with annotations as I used them to pause the video when text descriptions of the current situation are shown. They're good for three reasons - I don't have to upload a longer video (with manual pauses), you don't have to buffer as much video, and if you're done reading what's being said before the pause is up, press "Play" and the rest of the pause time vanishes.On another note, my main website is down. This blog, of course, is up since it's hosted on Blogspot's servers, not's. I think this is 110mb's fault - registrations are down for maintenance. I certainly didn't break any of the site's T&Cs.Anyway, that was the "thought I'd letcha know" of the day. I will now be adding more levels to It Only Takes A Second. I'm tempted to put the metal levels AFTER the underwater levels, and make the underwater levels easier than metal. The fourth area (and probably final) is planned to be "Hell", in both the visual and difficulty aspects. At least Unknown Gamer will get his red levels, though :PToodle-pip!~NALUPDATE: 1:56pm GMTThe website is back up.