Summary of Underwater in IOTAS / by Allison James

The development of It Only Takes A Second is going fine at the moment. I'm currently working on Underwater levels in it.As some of you may know, Underwater will be levels 6-10 in the full game. Metal, which is 6-10 in the current alpha build, will be pushed to 11-15. This was mainly to address possible difficulty issues - the Metal levels are pretty hard, and I'm aiming for at least 20 levels. I want the game to be hard but not to a point it makes you want to break things.Anyway, as with the exclusive deadly spinners and disappearing blocks in Metal, Underwater will have its own exclusive item - shards. To complete a level in Underwater, you have to collect all five shards first. Since you're already being asked to complete levels AND remember the time, their positioning will, for the most part, be relatively straightforward. To remove another possibly annoying interaction, though, hitting the finish without all the shards in a level won't make you lose it. You'll simply pass through it.Here's a screenshot of Level 6, the first Underwater level, and currently the only one. I'll probably upload an updated build when I've completed all five of these levels and have started the Hell levels enough to show you - probably be a couple of days.So, yeah. There's an update for the day. See ya in another blog entry!~NAL