Reinstalled XP / by Allison James

...which may mean it'll be a day or so until I work on IOTAS again (progress is fine, though - three levels done in the Underwater section).My reason for reinstallation? Well, several months ago, I did a clean install of Vista over XP. A month or so later, I started to wonder what the hell I was thinking when I did that - most of my GM .exes had stopped working (GM6 incompatibility), my PS3 was incapable of connecting to the internet (the connecter I use won't work with Vista), and UAC was more depressing than the new Transformers film.Wanting to keep Vista, though, since clean installing it had killed off a lot of my lovely files and downgrading from Vista to XP won't work without a clean install, I made a 10GB partition, and put XP on that.Anyway, I very quickly filled that 10GB, and many programs still insist on installing to the default drive as opposed to asking where they should go. Earlier today, I got annoyed with it, so I put my precious files onto my 640GB external hard drive, and clean-installed XP to the 220-odd GB "main" C: partition.So, apart from the fact I'd customised the eyeballs off XP before so have to do it again, it's convenient.Anyway, there's your news. Usual, obsessive posts about IOTAS will resume shortly.Goodbye for now!~NAL