Falsettoing like Matthew Bellamy / by Allison James

So yesterday I went to a friend's house for a few hours, after my weekly shop shift (which, pleasingly, I have a week off of next week, meaning I only have to do one more until I hit 19). We fit in some gaming. He played a couple of my creations - madnessMADNESSmadness and Confusion Readily Achieved Perspectively Through Unrealistic Relative Dimensions. That's beside the point though. As well as quick goes on Fallout 3 (my game, but he's borrowing it at the moment and loving it) and WipEout HD Fury (also my game, got it on disc and took it over) we had a go on Guitar Hero 5. He has the entire kit.So, with him on the guitar, I had a choice between drums and singing (I'm awful with the guitar so I couldn't do bass). And, despite every inch of me thinking it'd be more humanly kind not to, but with encouragement from him as the drums are a pain in the arse to set up and require makeshift drum sticks... I sang. To mixed in-game results.

We started off with Michael Jackson's "Beat It". I annoyed Matt with a joke about how he's probably not beating it any more, then the song started. We BOTH blew it and lost about halfway through, though I was seeming to hit some of the screechy chorusy bits.

We did several other songs. My worst result came from Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" - I couldn't physically hit the lowest note sung in it, and if I went an octave higher I kept missing all the highest ones! A couple other songs basically proved to me that I'm a lot better when I know the lyrics off by heart. His fairly small TV makes lyrics difficult to read, especially as they're streaming across like lightning and split up into syllables. I was also generally worse at verses than I was at choruses, possibly also due to the unfamiliarity (pretty much everyone can do the chorus of Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak", but all the verses are all over the place).

My best result? For Muse - Plug In Baby. For anyone that knows Muse, you'll know that the lead singer, Matthew Bellamy, frequently implements falsetto (really, really high) vocals into the band's songs. Plug In Baby features this. And, embarrassingly or otherwise, I hit the falsetto part NEARLY perfectly. I cocked it up with the final huge word, in which I began coughing uncontrollably. After the song I retained a headache for the remainder of the night, and my resulting sore throat continues to bug me right now, despite the medicine I took a few hours ago. I got 98% overall on Plug In Baby, by the way. I didn't drop below 60% in any song we played (we did about ten-fifteen), and only went below 70% in one - the first one.

But it was fun. I'm feeling the after-effects, and I'm sure Matt regrets ever letting me get my mits on that microphone. It was nothing short of fun though. I'm sure if I go over there again sometime we'll play it again.

I think my singing career is done for now, however.