FKR2 / by Allison James


The sequel to FKR is here! It’s now more psychedelic, more skilfully made and hopefully less boring than before. Use W, S and Enter to navigate menus, see the help file for more information. Play on BOSSFKR difficulty to get the most out of it!


System: Windows
Price: Free
Music: Jankenpopp, Vasculoid
Fonts: ?



“Play it to dance to the music, be inspired by the artwork, and to wake yourself up in the morning. You probably won't spend more than a few minutes with it, but I don't think the creator intended you to.” - Mocha Man
“Wow, this game is interesting in a very good way. The music was absolutely amazing!!! I kinda didn't get it at first but you kinda gotta get used to it.” - Davdud101