Voice Acting

1 Girl 2 Cups by Allison James


Wakka wakka, motherlovers.

You're an innocent, dual-uzi-wielding bikini-clad girl trapped in a Japanese burial ground, and the inhabitants aren't having any of it.

Dash around, collecting ammunition for your uzis. Find new and exotic weapons: like the Katana that is made out of purest grade aluminium maybe! Or the flamethrower that is secretly powered by love! Or maybe you're more into the inner workings of the chainsaw, since you're a bit of a carpentry fanatic... or are delusional and think that all the enemies are trees.

Upload your highscore to GameJolt, and have the leaderboard and the flashing display of the global best score permanently remind you how much worse you are than everybody else! And earn GJ trophies if you're into that sort of thing, you filthmongerer.

1 Girl. 2 Cups. 3 of something.



System: Windows
Price: Free
Music: DaPlaque - Ultimate
Fonts: Joystix, Pac-Font



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