Gamanstake / by Allison James


Gamanstake is a very long maze / exploration / adventure game made in 2006. Until Elemence later on, this was my “prized” game. You play as a dude called Gea Mastert (an anagram of “Age Matters”, don’t know why) who has been trapped in an evil set of killer mazes called The Gamanstake Mazes. He must go through trying to find the source of evil.

If you persevere the boringness of the gameplay it does actually contain a fair bit of variety. An aeroplane stage, a racing stage, a mix of maze and platforming levels, a few different areas and a storyline bulk it out a lot. This was my longest game in terms of unique gameplay for quite a while!


System: Windows
Price: Free
Music: MIDI
Fonts: Old English, Arial, ?



“How did you create this, what black magic is this??” - Literally everyone I showed this to when I was 15