One hitman. One skateboard. Two pistols of a length that definitely isn’t a result of overcompensation. Ten locations. Ten targets. Ten teddy-bears.

Slaughter them. Be rad about it. Radslaughter is a physics-based puzzle arcade game which gets difficult. Kill each of the targets without smashing your face open or being massively dismembered by razorblades. Find the secret teddy-bear in each level and complete them as fast as you can to get 5 stars (none of that 3 star crap here!)

Created in collaboration with Daniel Johnston (Wormintheworks)

Release Date: November 23rd 2014
Genre: Arcade
Made In: GameMaker Studio 1.4
Size: 8.9MB
Music: Daniel Johnston & James Spanos
Platform: Windows
Price: Free

Game Jolt | Direct


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