Yay, Pokémon Cards! by Allison James

A while ago I joined a site called Swagbucks, which gives you virtual money for using their search (it's Google and Ask powered so it's not a bad search or anything). They give away a range of stuff. Anyway, I'd been using the site for about a month (total of 46 Swagbucks) when I suddenly found out a lot of the merchandise you can "buy" is US only. I was a wee bit disappointed, so I decided to spend them on something and quit using the site.I found Pokémon cards. 15 Swagbucks each, though the cards would all be "common". So I got three. Today, I received them.Anyway, since then, I've regained my interest in Swagbucks. I'm not gonna raise enough to get a good prize any time soon, but I'll probably keep getting weird stuff like Pokémon cards for the hell of it. :PFor those that actually give a shit about Pokémon cards, the three I got wereKangaskhan from some weird looking deck with a blue "e" in the bottom left cornerScyther from the same deckMachop from the Team Rocket deckIf you're interested, you can either join the site with my referral link attached, which of course is no loss to you. It just rewards me by telling you about the site:Click here to be all nice and get me Swagbucks as a reward for telling you about the siteOr you can join without the Referral link and maintain your obvious reputation as a moocher.Click here if your sexuality is questionableGame-making-wise, my active project is one called The Inverse Man. This is a several-level soon-to-be-artsy game with Innoquous-style level twisting and some other gimmicks, such as the man always being the inverse colour of the background.A demo, you say? Oh, go on then.In the land of sequels, Dreaming On E and Rockit are sitting patiently in line as their advanced brothers are slowly developed. Have a screenshot of new Dreaming On N and R2CKIT. TIM is priority at the moment, though, so don't expect these out any time soon.I sauntered over the $1 mark in ad-revenue on Game Jolt a couple of days ago. Only a few more decades and I can afford that car! Or, more likely, I'll cop out in a few months and buy something cheap off Steam with it. PayPal's handy like that.I think that's all bases covered. Until next time!