Chat Roulette: A Follow Up by Allison James

So a week or so ago I did a blog on NALGames Blog on the current Internet fad Chat Roulette, a website that lets you, a webcam owner, join up for a discussion with another, completely random, webcam owner. Often to sickening results.But here, along with the 50 original Chat Roulette results I got from Round 1, is a further 50. I'll try to include some stats too.

1. Chavvy looking guy, normal
2. Chavvy looking guy, normal
3. Normal looking guy, normal
4. Someone holding up a piece of paper with an MSN address and cybersex offer
5. Naked guy masturbating, head and... parts... off camera, thank god
6. Pakistani normal looking guy
7. Assumed normal looking guy, laying down, most of him was offcamera but he was clothed
8. Normal looking guy
9. Some guy's torso, clothed
10. Spambot - just showed a screen capture for a website
11. Normal looking guy
12. Normal looking guy, but with sunglasses on and a really stupid light (angled camera)
13. No webcam, just a sound feed, which consisted of someone presumably fiddling with the mic
14. Normal looking guy
15. Top-half-naked guy with sound feed, wasn't sticking around to find out his intentions
16. Normal looking guy in black and white
17. No video or audio feed
18. No video feed, audio feed was just someone crackly playing crap music
19. No feed
20. Two wiggers and some crap rap music
21. Normal looking guy who needs to learn how to zoom with his camera - I could see his chin and part of his jumper
22. Same sort of shot again but different person
23. A hand holding up a piece of paper asking (kindly, I might add) for boobs on the webcam feed
24. Normal looking guy but awful sunglasses
25. No video feed, crackly audio
26. A cock
27. Another cock
28. Bored looking guy, normal
29. Man in briefs but not doing anything bad
30. Bored looking guy, normal
31. Someone just out of shot
32. Bored looking guy laying down
33. Bored looking child
34. Guy that was top-naked (at least), only head and shoulders in shot
35. No video, crackly audio
36. Nobody in shot, was a cam pointed at a dark area
37. An actual woman! Japanese origin too, woo! Quit on her, couldn't be bothered
38. Guy with backwards baseball cap, glasses and tank top. Muscly, looked a lot like wrestler Batista
39. Naked guy masturbating. Cat sitting in the background... poor cat
40. Someone's elbow
41. Nothing
42. Naked guy masturbating. Disturbingly included audio feed. Actually missed the close tab and hit Imageshack's thumbnail out of shock - same closing effect
43. Video feed was pointing at light, audio crackly
44. Naked guy masturbating. Wasn't very well endowed.
45. Girl looking very bored. Crackly audio feed
46. Girl looking very horny. Desperate kind of horny. Looked Hispanic too
47. Normal looking man but appeared to have a spliff going on
48. Guy top-half-naked, bottom half was off shot
49. Two guys blatantly stoned
50. Boring guy with baseball cap
51. A bunch of random Japanese letters
52. White screen
53. Guy, top-half-naked. Bottom half out of shot. Had moobs though wasn't really fat
54. Two girls with a dodgy audio feed (but no cup)
55. A picture montage of a load of penes, vaginas etc
56. Guy. Scene style. Dark room - couldn't see much more than the part of his face not covered with hair
57. Presumably a guy, clothed, torso only - no face or lower half. Dodgy audio feed
58. Nothing
59. Black screen, fuzzy audio
60. Bald man and naff music
61. Same as #55
62. Some gimp, sitting cross-legged on the floor, with a Transformers mask on
63. Guy masturbating
64. Guy, normal looking
65. Two normal-looking guys, third one was off-camera talking
66. Normal-looking guy. Seemed drowsy
67. Guy masturbating
68. Normal-looking guy
69. The same normal-looking guy as above
70. Normal-looking guy, dodgy audio feed
71. Normal-looking guy
72. Normal-looking guy
73. Normal-looking guy, same as one a bit further up
74. The guy in the Transformers mask again, this time sitting on a bed
75. Woman in bikini. Sat on this one for ten seconds or so just to verify that
76. Guy, probably masturbating - offending area off shot but arm was going up and down
77. Odd bot
78. Woman, looked bored
79. Woman with dildo in mouth, possibly (probably?) prerecorded
80. Someone's clothed torso
81. Guy masturbating
82. Static
83. Nothing
84. Normal-looking guy with painful-looking nosering
85. Odd-looking guy. Either very, very pasty or that was the camera's doing
86. Guy masturbating
87. Guy masturbating
88. Normal-looking guy, was talking to somebody off-camera
89. An empty computer chair
90. Japanese woman giving man a blow job, prerecorded as a website watermark was onscreen
91. Girl singing and performing arm actions to some fuzzy-sounding music
92. Piece of paper up to webcam asking for boobs
93. Bored but normal-looking guy
94. Webcam pointed at softcore porn
95. Girl masturbating
96. Guy with trousers down to knees but boxers still on, laying on bed with head out of shot
97. Some chav's naked torso
98. Normal-looking guy
99. Clothed guy, head out of shot
100. Normal-looking guy

So that is 100 results from picking somebody with a webcam at random and seeing what's happening on their end (sometimes worryingly literally).

Of the 100 results:
5% contained females that weren't doing anything rude. 6 girls in total.
50% contained males with (seemingly) no rude intentions. Some of these had two males in one shot, one had three.
0% had both a male and a female in the same shot.
2% were female naughtiness, though half of this may have been prerecorded
In comparison, 19% was male naughtiness, either through requests for females to get naked or just through masturbating.
1% was showing off his small cock. The others were surprisingly large - well, I guess HAVING a big prick comes naturally when you ARE one.
And about 10% of the results were bots, pretty much all with an advertisement nature, many of which were also pornographic.
If you don't mind getting the odd social reject that feels the need to tug his dick off on the internet, Chat Roulette is fairly fun. There are SOME decent results to be had out of it if you're just going into it for a nice conversation.
...but I guess if dicks are your thing then go ahead. Have a mouth-watering time!

[WEBSITE] Cuil by Allison James

This is old news, but what the is a search engine created by, amongst others, ex-Google workers, looking to create a revolutionary new search engine. They cited the most popular search website, Google, as using outdated technology.

As soon as you go onto Cuil, you can see the website uses a sleek, modern design:


It also appears to partly base its simplicity off Google, which's default homepage is also little more than a logo, a search bar and a few buttons. Cuil also includes a boast that it indexes over 12 billion websites - a bold claim, which has led to criticisms that the site is more interested in the quantity of searched sites, not the quality of search results.

I found that these criticisms are agreeable. I searched for a several things in both Cuil and Google, and Cuil's results were far less fitting. For example, I tried "the year of elvis presley's death". For such a mundane question with such a single, findable answer, I'd expect to see it in the results without visiting websites. Google's second result clearly said in the title:

Elvis Death - Elvis Presley Death - Elvis Presley Died 16 August 1977

Cuil? Nothing. Nowhere. I got conspiracy theories, Elvis CD box sets on sale, and two results on Michael Jackson. Incidentally, Ask Jeeves (yes, we, the UK, got Jeeves back), Yahoo! Search, and Microsoft's Bing all managed to give me the precise date on the first page of results too.

So, Cuil looks pretty, but with so many other more competent search engines, it's rather pointless. It's fairly new, so I guess it has room for improvement, but I think Google is too popular for it to really get attention.

Visit Cuil