The Ballad of Billy Buzz by Allison James

Billy Buzz the Bumblebee was a great bee. Unfortunately, Jake Aroma hated Billy. Jake Aroma didn't like how Billy, a lovely yellow bee, could "bee-pee" onto flowers to help them grow, while Jake, an adult human simply painted yellow to resemble a bee, could not. As a result, and too bashful to simply ask how it was done, Jake Aroma killed Billy.To circumvent some of the suspicion laid on him, Jake formed a blog online, in which a virtual statue of Billy would be erected. Lots of people viewed this blog, but Jake had a trick up his sleeve.

He would leave his computer for a while, going off to the snooker hall he lived near for a few rounds. While picking up one of the snooker implements to pot with - although not the spider as he was an arachnophobiac - and he'd wait.Because eventually, someone would do it. Someone on Planet Earth would do the dance. The deadly dance of death that triggered the digital bomb residing within the virtual statue of Billy. It would infect anyone viewing the webpage, through fishy subliminal messages, with an illness that slightly inhibited their ability to walk.But nobody ever did. Dare you do it?

To summarise:

A bee's seedy e-effigy hates shy Jake A (yellow men no pee.)Cue or rest. He who've heedHobble you. Heck, sway and see.